NCR Printing

Have you ever heard the term ‘carbon copy’? This is actually derived from carbon paper. This type of paper was created by a man whose wife wanted to write letters without smearing the ink. It works due to a special coating that leaves ink on a paper below when written on. This allows for both a clean process and an exact copy.

This type of paper is useful in many different situations and environments. It requires three sheets of paper, with a regular piece on top, the carbon paper, and what will be the copy on the bottom. Ink in the carbon is applied on the paper beneath under pressure of a pen, leaving a precise mark.

As convenient and clever as this seems, an even better option was invented in 1953 by the National Cash Register Company. They gave this product a name with the same initials – No Carbon Required. NCR paper does not require three pieces of paper, but rather just the original and copy. The top sheet has dye-filled micro capsules that erupt under pressure. The page underneath is coated with clay, allowing the ink to leave a permanent mark. Users love NCR due to its precision, meaning no ink bleeds or spills. It also allows for multiple papers underneath providing multiple copies at once.

NCR printing can be useful in many different environments and situations. It is often utilized in business to provide clients with copies of receipts or invoices. They are also often used in the administrative offices at schools, so they have the original copies of attendance slips, as well as receipts for field trip dues or yearbook sales. NCR form printing is incredibly useful to just have on hand, in the home, workplace, and classroom.

We offer NCR paper at LA Copy Center in Northridge. Our NCR printing services are useful for when your receipt machine has stopped working and you need a simple solution quickly, or you need easy copies for an important art project. Our graphics and printing experts can help you with your NCR form printing project and make helpful suggestions.

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