Catalogs and Booklets

One of the most effective ways to provide information about products, services or to increase sales is by using catalogs and booklets. The worldwide circulation of these printed products proves that this type of marketing produces effective results. The right mixture of information, photographs, graphics and presentation is used to deliver a package that will create an effective impact. Consumers expect detailed information that is presented in a memorable way. Our printing services in Los Angeles accomplish this for you.

The printing and distribution of catalogs and booklets is most associated with businesses. These products are used for direct mailing campaigns, product and service announcements and printed publications. The printing of a catalog or booklet can also be useful for people who are not involved in business. Non-profit groups like churches or political campaigns depend on attractive presentations of written information. The digital technology that is now used to produce these prints is capable of stunning colors and graphics that were previously unavailable.

The variety of uses for catalogs and booklets continues to expand. Licensed professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists and accountants use booklets to educate people about general information and to help answer any questions related to these industries. Visual artists and graphic designers are using printed booklets to showcase works of art. The design and creation of catalogs and booklets is a popular feature of our services for printing in Los Angeles. We have the ability to print a single version or large quantities to fit into the needs and budget of every person or industry. 

Ordering from our printing company in Los Angeles can be completed directly from our website, a visit inside our facility or by telephone. Orders can be picked up after completion or shipped anywhere to meet deadlines. We specialize in copying and book binding, full color printing, brochures, black and white printing, letterheads, promotional items, envelopes, flyers, graphic design, passport photos, laminating and mounting, signs and banners, roll-up banners, t-shirts, magnetic calendars, large format posters, rubber stamps, posters, office supplies and legal forms, magnetic signs and calendars, mousepads, mugs, flyers, business cards and engineering copiers.

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