Fax Services

Fax technology remains common even as many messages are sent online. Particularly in business, documents are often sent via fax for purposes of security, reliability, and transmission of handwritten signatures. Thanks to our fax services, you do not need to maintain your own fax machine and fax line to communicate this way. With convenient hours and friendly technicians on site, you can easily send and receive faxdocuments for your personal and business activities. Below is more about why you should choose this technology and how you can use it at our print shop in Northridge.

Overview of Fax Benefits

A standard fax machine scans documents, converts the scans to digital data, and transmits the data to the chosen number, which can be located anywhere in the world. Fax recipients see the scanned document print out precisely as it appeared upon being scanned, which is especially important for signed documents. Compared to emailed signatures, faxed signatures can more easily be relied on as authentic. Moreover, most companies throughout the world continue to work with fax for fast transmission of secure documents, making it a dependable choice for sending important business messages.

How You Can Use Fax Technology Here

Several situations may require you to receive or send fax messages, and all of these tasks can be handled at our print shop. For instance, companies may accept a fax of a signed document rather than a mailed copy. Companies may also fax the unsigned copy to be signed, re-scanned, and sent back. Secure business messages can also be sent and received between fax machines anywhere, including in locations where Internet service may not be available or reliable. In cases where email is an option, opting to send fax messages back and forth can be faster than scanning and printing by both parties.

Business and other communications can be simplified with our fax services. Low prices and fast service at our location make it easy to send and receive fax messages from anywhere. By contacting or visiting our Northridge print office, you can learn details about our fax features and options.

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