White Papers

White Papers

White PapersEvery home, office, organization, religious center, school, business, and company will need white papers every single day.  These papers will be used for everything from engaging in important research to sending out letters that will inform customers and clients of new information.  No matter what the need for this paper is though, it is important that everyone finds the correct style of paper as well as purchase it at the lowest price possible.  This is why Los Angeles Copy and Print Center is dedicated to offering a full line of office materials with some of the best deals around.

When purchasing white papers, it is important to keep a close eye on both the weight of the paper as well as the sizing.  In order to fill the needs of almost all customers, standard sizing will be one of the first choices.  Paper that is 8 and a half by 11 inches will fill the role for most families, organizations, and businesses and can be used for a number of applications.

Along with the correct size of the material, customers will also need to keep a very close eye on the weight of their white papers.  Almost all paper comes in three basic weights including standard, mid, and heavy.  Standard paper is often the correct choice for the average family or student that will be using their paper in copy machines, faxes, and home printers.  It is the most economical and jam resistant, making it the perfect choice for everyday use.

Paper that is in the mid weight range is ideal for more powerful inkjet and laser printers, but it is also appropriate to use in copy machines and with home printers as well. This weight is also perfect as a versatile material for presentations and proposals.  The final choice is heavy weight paper, best for use with signs, flyers, double-sided printing, professional presentations, and more.

Along with our wide array of white papers, we are proud to assist all those in need of professional quality printing in Los Angeles.  Contact us today for all of your printing needs ranging from business cards to promotional items.

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