Where to Use Catalogs and Booklets

Where to Use Catalogs and BookletsHave you ever started a new job and wished the answers to all of your questions were in one place? Or maybe your small business was about to make a sale, but lost a potential customer because they did not know the extent of the products you offer? At our Northridge printing center, we can solve these troubles for you with our catalog and booklet printing services.

There are many different places and situations that require a go-to collection of all vital information. For your work, they include:

• Stocking lists and information for a store or warehouse
• Instructions for tools to keep nearby, from large mechanics to sewing machines
• Rules and guidelines for your classroom, household, or after school group
• The informational and inspiring origin story of your store, company, or business
• Bios of your employees
• Product list for easy access
• A “happy customer” testimonial compilation

For home:

• Important phone numbers and contact information
• Daily to-do lists
• Instructions for your hobby
• Family recipes
• List of chores and how they are done for kids

There are an endless amount of uses and possibilities for both catalogs and booklets in every area of your life. Use them to keep your work or hobby areas organized, and keep categorize like information into one, convenient place. Our printing center can create exactly what you are looking for, with the font, binding, colors, and type of paper you want. We can even laminate the covers to prevent damage and give it that clean, important look. Stop by today!

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