When to Use Flyers

When to Use FlyersWhether you have just started your business or are well established, you can benefit from using flyers for promotion. Flyers are an incredibly versatile advertising tool for many applications. Here is when to use flyers for your business.

To Promote Events Quickly

If you are hosting a promotional event or are starting a sale at your store, you can have many flyers printed quickly for promotion using the methods you choose. Flyers can be printed in huge volume to cover the area you have in mind. If necessary, you can hire canvassers to distribute more flyers in less time.

When You Need Flexibility

Flyers can be used in countless ways. For example, you can hand out flyers to people on the street or pin flyers to bulletin boards where permitted. Alternatively, you can keep a stack of flyers on your store counter to hand out. Finally, you can mail flyers directly to customers, or have them included with newspapers.

For Including Incentives

The low-cost, portable nature of flyers is ideal for including incentives, such as QR codes, coupons, and vouchers. QR codes printed on flyers will allow potential customers to instantly get more information about your products and services. They will also allow you to easily track the success of your flyer campaigns.

Flyers open up a world of advertising possibilities. Thanks to their low cost, you can also keep plenty on hand during each ad campaign. You can contact our print shop to learn more about our flyer printing and options.

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