What is Canvas Printing?

What is Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is similar to other print options except for its base material of canvas. By combining modern digital printing methods with canvas, our print shop can create stunning posters, art reproductions and more for display and sale. Here is a deeper look at printing on canvas and why you might want to consider it.

Why Print on Canvas?

Canvas is prized for its durability and special texture. Plenty of artwork displayed today was produced centuries ago, highlighting the longevity of this material. This durability also simplifies display. Standard glass framing becomes unnecessary as canvas can simply be stretched over a wood frame for attractive display.

What Are Popular Canvas Print Items?

Practically anything can be printed on canvas, but artwork and photographs are definitely among the most popular. Artists frequently have their paintings, drawing and photographs printed on canvas. For a unique twist on family photos, canvas can be selected over paper stock. Prints destined for sale can be placed on canvas to impress buyers and potentially fetch a higher price.

Is Canvas Used for Business Printing?

While perhaps not as common in promotional campaigns as other materials, such as paper and vinyl, canvas can also be used by businesses. For example, canvas posters are a longer-lasting, more durable alternative to standard paper posters. Banners may also be printed on canvas for use in indoor settings.

Canvas is becoming more common as a print material for many applications. If you are preparing a print order, you can ask about our canvas options at Los Angeles Copy & Print Center to find out if this material is right for your project.

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