Using Mugs for Promotions

Using Mugs for PromotionsCustom print products make strong promotional items for companies, and mugs are among the best. Printed mugs can bear logos, photos, illustrations, and other company related images to keep you on the minds of the recipients long into the future. Here are some of the ways that you can use mugs to advertise.

Give Gifts to Clients

Whether you work with consumers or other businesses, you can gift them mugs with great results. For example, you can include a free mug with every order. Alternatively, you can offer a mug with transactions above a certain price or volume.

Reward Customer Loyalty

Customized mugs can be attractive as well as practical, so they can make appealing gifts to show long-term customers that you appreciate them. One way you can do this is to offer a new mug design each year on a special occasion, such as a holiday.

Build Relationships With Partners

You can give mugs to existing and potential partners in a variety of settings. At conventions and trade shows, for example, you can keep plenty of the mugs on hand to give out. When you attend meetings, you can take several mugs with you to foster a good business relationship with your partners.

Mug printing can be performed on an array of mug styles and colors, ensuring that your own mugs will carry your promotional vision. Thanks to their durability, these mugs will also last long after your promotion. You can contact LA Copy & Print Center to learn more about how custom mugs are valuable for promotions.

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