Uses of Blueprints

Uses of BlueprintsBlueprints are precision-printed documents that show how a building, product, or other item is assembled. Unlike the blueprints of yesteryear, modern blueprints are usually made digitally by computer rather than by hand or with plotters. Here are some of the most common uses for blueprints today.


Construction projects involving all types of buildings rely on blueprints for planning and accuracy. The blueprints are kept on site and continually referred to until project completion. With affordable digital reproduction of these prints, multiple copies can be distributed across a site for constant reference by more workers, aiding productivity as a result.


Manufacturing technicians rely on blueprints to make products and automate processes. For everything from parts selection to finishing, blueprints are referenced. Once again, having multiple copies of a blueprint can be invaluable for reference by all parties involved in a manufacturing project.


Repairing complex machines, circuits, and other items often requires maintenance personnel to use blueprints. This is particularly true when work is required on unfamiliar equipment. As with manufacturing and construction, maintenance benefits from easy availability of blueprints. Low-cost, high-quality reproduction ensures that maintenance workers have the resource they need to keep production on schedule.

Our blueprints are available in all standard sizes. After blueprint printing is performed, many clients prefer to preserve their copies. In dirty environments, this helps prevent confusion about the content of a blueprint over time. Clients can contact our print shop to learn more about our blueprint services and finishing options, such as lamination.


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