Uses for Catalogs and Booklets

Uses for Catalogs and BookletsCatalogs and booklets are both bound printed materials that have fewer pages than books. These products have a variety of uses for businesses, and options from our print shop offer countless ways to customize results within those applications. Here are three popular uses for catalogs and booklets.

Basic Catalogs

Most people are familiar with catalogs, and consumers generally expect well-made catalogs from established companies. Including full-color photos, illustrations and other graphics can maximize consumer interest in catalog listings. Our print shop can customize covers, customer addresses and much more on catalogs.

Employee Manuals

Properly bound reference materials are invaluable for any company with employees. Booklets make excellent manuals for listing rules and regulations that employees need to follow. For training employees on complex procedures, booklets can be made with instructions, graphics and other references.

Marketing Materials

Booklets can also be used for general marketing purposes. To build interest in products and services, magazines can be created with articles, interviews and other relevant content that readers will enjoy. Many retailers also print this content inside of standard catalogs as side features that encourage readership and educate customers about the items being offered.

Companies can use our catalogs and booklet printing to sell items directly, inform employees and customers and complete other projects. Our print shop offers virtually unlimited design and print options for these products, including a variety of binding styles. Clients can contact our print shop to learn more about ways to use catalogs and booklets in different areas of business.

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