Printing Pictures on Canvas

Printing Pictures on CanvasPaper has long been a standard material for printing pictures, but canvas is quickly gaining popularity. This option offers a few major advantages for photo printing in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Below, you can read an overview of canvas benefits in each of these areas.

Aesthetics of Canvas Photo Printing

Canvas can enhance the look of printed photos in a number of ways. With its unique texture, canvas gives prints a look reminiscent of fine original paintings. This may be of particular interest to photographers and artists seeking quality reproductions of their creations. The look of canvas also interacts with light differently from paper, giving photos a special character. This can highlight canvas photos displayed in homes, offices, and anywhere else you may want to display your art.

Ease of Storage, Transport and Display

Compared to paper, canvas is more durable and simpler to display. Thanks to its thickness and flexibility, canvas can simply be rolled up and stowed in a tube or box for long-term storage or transport to a new location. Unlike paper, this material does not require a time-consuming and expensive framing process for display. Instead, canvas can simply be stretched over a standard wooden frame and hung on a wall simply and quickly.

For artists and anyone else, canvas makes a fantastic photo-printing medium. The results of canvas printing are durable, as well as very impressive looking. Los Angeles Copy & Print Center can produce canvas prints in virtually any quantity from one to many more. To learn more about our canvas prints, clients can contact our print shop by phone, by email, or in person.

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