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Physical correspondence is still a must for many businesses. Even companies with a strong digital footprint still rely on a mailing list for shipping and receiving. And direct marketing is still used, with flyers, brochures, and coupons all contributing.

You may also need to send registered letters and legal notices. The right letterhead can communicate the status of your company and the value of its products. Whether you choose stark professionalism or a more progressive design, a bespoke letterhead signals that the content below is not to be missed.

A good letterhead should include some combination of the following:

Name of your company
Your motto or tagline (if you have one)
Your logo (if you have one)
Contact information
Hours of operation (if applicable)

The purpose is to convey written data in a more visual way, making it hard to dismiss. Even things like font style and spacing matter.

Our design consultants can help you select everything from the right paper stock to the placement of the header. You can even use letterhead for personal correspondence, with an appropriate shift in design.

Human beings are tactile, and they still like objects. The act of opening an envelope is still not lost—what’s more, it can expand your business dramatically.

Call our office today to learn more about letterhead printing.

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