How to Design Invitations

How to Design Invitations

When you design your own invitations, you can count on results that are different from the average options on store shelves. However, the design process can also be challenging, so it is wise to review good practices before you get started. Here are some tips to remember as you design your invitations.

Know What Information to Include

Before you start designing artwork or deciding on fonts, establish the information you need to include. This information should include a description of the event, the location, the date, and the time. Beyond these basics, you may want to include extra instructions, requests to RSVP, or any other additions.

Decide on a Theme

Your invitations should represent the associated event. For instance, the colors you put on a wedding invitation may differ from the best options for a birthday party or graduation. Fonts, borders, and colors all can be selected to express the theme you have chosen.

Select Matching Envelopes

Choosing envelopes is another important part of invitation design. Besides having envelopes printed with addresses or other elements, you can opt for one envelope color or another for your special occasion. You can also have any text on the envelopes printed in a font that matches the text on the card inside.

After you are done designing your invitations, you will be ready to start the final step of invitation printing. Los Angeles Copy & Print Center offers many different inks and papers for printing your invitations. You can contact our print shop to learn more about our invitation services, including in-house design and printing.

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