Designing Your Business CardDesigning Your Business Card

Your business card represents you in the eyes of potential customers and partners, so thoughtful design is invaluable. Everything from the content to the material of your card can be customized. Here, you can learn about the customizable aspects of this print product.

Graphics and Information

All business cards should contain certain information, and many also are enhanced with graphical elements. Your business name can be expressed with your logo, boosting your brand and keeping your company recognizable. You can determine the font styles and sizes used for your name, phone number, and address, as well as any other information you want to include.

Card Size and Thickness

Business cards are often made at a standard size, but there are no rules about this. You can have larger or smaller cards as you feel necessary. Heavier card stock can convey quality, and thinner card stock will let you more easily keep a larger stack on hand for distribution.

Extra Touches

Your business cards can be printed with a variety of inks and completed with a matte or glossy finish. If you want to take full advantage of space, you can also have images or information printed on the backs of your business cards, as well. Our designers can assist you with customizing your cards precisely to your needs.

Promoting yourself or your company is easier with personalized business cards. Instead of using standard card types, you can have ones that perfectly express the value you bring to your target market. Contact Los Angeles Copy & Print Center to learn more about our same day business card printing.

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