Designing Personalized T-Shirts

Designing Personalized T ShirtsT-shirts are on practically everyone’s backs, and designing your own is a staple in almost every DIY community. The universal nature of T-shirts can still accommodate a personal vision, and plenty of crafty creatives have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Besides being a style piece, a T-shirt can serve as excellent advertising for almost any service, product, or business. Think of the commemorative T-shirts handed out immediately after a championship in football or basketball, and then think of all the associations and memories those shirts convey years later. And the scale does not have to be that big—a T-shirt printed for a special occasion, like a company picnic or the anniversary of your business, can be handed out to everyone who attended as a way to take the experience home.

Here are some other events that are perfect for personalized T-shirt printing:

• Birthdays
• Graduations
• Bake sales
• Car washes
• Retirements

Regardless of color or size, the key to any effective T-shirt is the message. You can convey this with clever word choice, bold colors, an inventive typeface, or some combination of the three. If it is just your company name, logo, or the name of the event, you can make sure the shirt stays forever associated with one very meaningful day or product.

At our print shop, we customize t-shirts to the letter and in any style you want. You can be involved in the design process as much or as little as you want. Call us today for an appointment.

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