Customized Mugs for Advertising

Customized Mugs for AdvertisingSince 65 percent of Americans drink coffee, mugs are one of the most universal items in the home. You can easily add yours to the collections of clients, both current and potential, and ensure your business name is always literally in their hands.

Mugs are easy to customize, and do not cost a fortune. You can put a logo on it, a tagline, a decal, or all three. This makes customized mugs a great marketing tool.

One way to keep mug advertising current is to offer new mugs every season—or temporarily change the design to reflect the nearest holiday. In fact, holiday mugs are an integral part of any marketing campaign of this type. Small businesses in particular can make their client base feel at home with a Christmas or Fourth of July-themed coffee mug.

Our mug printing services include custom packages that allow you as much creative freedom as you want. Even if you do not have a logo or a theme yet, we are happy to advise you.

Most people keep their coffee mugs forever, so this is a chance to stay close to your customers in a subtle, yet organized way. The better and friendlier your design is, the more they will be inclined to use your customized mug, and be reminded of all the ways your business benefits them.

One last use for mugs could be as a gift with purchase. Including a personalized mug with each mail-order, or for all new customers, can be a warm and expressive way to say thank you.

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